Art Winners

Art Winners        
A1 40 Estie Terblanche African Secretary Bird First
  53 Alice Short Rainbow Lorikeet Second
  80 Rosemary Roberts Chook's Picture Out of Buttons HC
A2 57 Sarah Groat A Quick Storm First
  49 Michelle Harpley On The Farm Second
  60 Carmela Kozlowski The Homestead HC
A3 59 Carmela Kozlowski She Has Taken It Under Her Wing First
  33 Julieanne Raymond Butterfly Scribble HC
A4 52 Jenny Bamford Scenery Rocks First
  48 Michelle Harpley Working Days Second
  41 Estie Terblanche South African Boerboel Dog HC
A5 42 Wally Lamont Spitfire First
  43 Wally Lamont Metal Bird Second
A6 35 Karena Holland The Broken View First
A7 19 Chloe Dunbar Owl First
  20 Chloe Dunbar Sunflower Second
  5 Charlotte Foord Rustic 'Flowers' Third
  16 Molly Finch Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi… HC
  26 Charlotte Foord Mum & Baby HC
A8 37 Louis Raymond Fish First
  73 Matilda Molloy Little Birdies Second
  8 Digby Luelf The Lake HC
  28 Louis Raymond Shiny Pea HC