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Art & Photography Competition Results

Most Outstanding Photograph
"Black Shouldered Kite" by Warren Chad
Most Outstanding Artwork
"Flight" by Hape Kiddle
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CategoryFirst PlaceSecond PlaceHighly Commended
CategoryFirst PlaceSecond PlaceHighly Commended
A1 Birds & the Bush Catherine Stewart Christine Boadle Julieanne Raymond, Lacey Hudson, Robert Sloane 
A2 Landscape Christine Boadle Jean Guiton Julieanne Raymond 
A3 Drawing Julieanne Raymond Christine Boadle  
A4 Any Subject Robert Sloane Jean Guiton Julieanne Raymond 
A5 Sculpture Hape Kiddle Wally Lamond  
Artwork - Most Outstanding  Hape Kiddle  "Flight"  
P1 Birds Warren Chad Kerryn Ryan Warren Chad, Jenny Caughey 
P2 Animals Warren Chad Warren Chad Warren Chad 
P3 Flora Warren Chad John French Sally Argent-Smith, John French 
P4 Threatened Species No Entries   
P5 Creative Visions of Nature Warren Chad Warren Chad Jenny Caughey 
Photograph - Most Outstanding  Warren Chad  "Black Shouldered Kite"  
Preschool - Art Ryan Kelly   
Preschool - Photography Hugh Argent-Smith   
Primary - Art Temecka Polimeni Temecka Polimeni Kelsie Parsons 
Primary - Photography Kelsie Parsons   
Under 18 - Art Shyam Prakaash Kristen Polimeni Kristine Polimeni, Kristen Polimeni 
Under 18 - Photography Madyson James Madyson James Madyson James, Madyson James 
Showing 18 items